lunes, octubre 11

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When we want to love, we love
When we want to kiss, we kiss

cuando deseamos amar, amamos
cuando nos apetece besar, besamos
With a little petting, we're getting
Some fun out of life
con un miajilla de rollo, estamos sacando
un poco de cachondeito de la vida
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This article is about the affectionate behavior. For a petting zoo, see zoo. Petting a groundhog

Petting is
the affectionate act

of stroking, brushing or caressing
an animal's fur, scratching its ears, rubbing its belly, etc.,
for mutual enjoyment.

Grooming behavior in some animals is similar to petting, but generally the verb "pet" refers to a
human petting a nonhuman animal or another human being.
[edit] Between humans

By extension, between humans, petting also refers to affectionate stroking and caressing.

However, in a human context, "petting" often refers to amorous or sexual connotations - situations
where a person touches the body of another person during kissing or lovemaking,[1] especially parts which are typically covered by clothing (e.g., the buttocks). When the amorous play advances beyond these parameters, and leads to contact with the genitals, through clothing still, it is sometimes referred to as "heavy petting".

* Affection
* Pet
* Physical intimacy
* Groping

[edit] References

Anglicismos | Prácticas sexuales

Pétting es un anglicismo para designar cualquier tipo de relaciones sexuales con la excepción del coito. La palabra procede del verbo to pet, que alude al hecho de acariciar, besar, etc. En inglés puede usarse en un sentido amplio: las caricias que se hacen a los animales de compañía (pet también significa 'mascota'),

When we want to work. we work
When we want to play, we play
cuando queremos currar, curramos,
cuando queremos jugar, jugamos
In a happy setting, we're getting
Some fun out of life

Setting may refer to:

* A location (geography) where something is set
* Set construction in theatrical scenery
* Setting (education) (disambiguation)
* Setting (fiction) in fiction
* Stonesetting, in jewelry, when a diamond or gem is set into a frame or bed
* Campaign setting in role playing games

Setting (education)
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Setting in education may refer to:

* Ability grouping, small groups formed within a single classroom.
* Tracking (education), also called streaming, separating pupils by academic ability into groups for all subjects within a school.
* The location where the education takes place, for example the classroom, known as the educational setting.


Maybe we do the right things
Maybe we do the wrong
puede ser que hagamos las cosas co-rrectas
quizas hacemos lo malo
Spending each day
Just wending our way along

gastando cada dia

When we want to sing, we sing
When we want to dance, we dance

You can do your betting, we're getting
Some fun out of life

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